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List of Descriptive Topics (Essay/Letter Writing) asked in Previous Year SBI PO Mains Examinations:

Dear Readers, SBI PO Mains 2017 Examination is approaching shortly, We hope that all your preparation is going good, Here we have given the List of Descriptive Topics (Essay/Letter Writing) asked in Previous Year SBI PO Mains Examination. And also shortly we will provide the Expected Descriptive Topics (Essay/Letter Writing) in the upcoming SBI PO Mains 2017.

Note:Dear Aspirants, Soon we will provide you the List of Expected Descriptive Topics in Upcoming SBI PO Mains 2017 Examination. Kindly follow us..

List of Previous Years Essay Topics in SBI PO Main Exam:

·       How is Economy Related to Common Man?

·       Stopping Farmers from Committing Suicide.

·       Benefits and Drawbacks of Winning Lotteries.

·       To What Extent is Aadhaar Card Useful?

·       Comment on the Relevance of Presidential Form of Governance in India.

·       The Importance of Imparting Education in Vernacular Languages.

·       Women’s Safety in the Workplace.

·       Fairness of Taxation Criteria in the India.

·       Give Ideas to Eradicate Unemployment.

·       Is Man a Prisoner of Shackles of Technology?

·       Pros and Cons of Mutual Funds Investments.

·       Is Generation Gap an Outdated Concept?

·       Monsoon Dependence of Indian Economy.

·       Ethical Issues Posed by E-commerce.

·       Creating Personal Financial Targets Early in Life.

·       Discuss the Pros and Cons of OROP.

·       The Necessary Evil Called Entrance Exams.

·       Impact of Digging Up Black Money on Indian Economy.

·       Print Media’s Influence on Modern Youth.

·       Banking Industry’s Future Prospects.

·       Discuss the Role Unskilled Labour Plays in India.

·       Justify the Cuts and Profits Earned by Brokers.

·       Press and Privacy Infringement.

·       The Impact of Media and Technology on Families.

·       Will India Always Remain a Developing Country?

·       If I were a Banking Industry Minister…

·       Classroom Learning is More Beneficial than Distance Learning.

·       Analyse the Impacts of 10-year-old Children Owning Bank Accounts.

·       Indian Political Parties: Neither Friends Nor Foes.

·       Tourism and its Effects on Economy.

·       Has Information Technology Changed the Workplace Culture?

·       Bringing About Effective Credit Rating.

·       Prominence of Swadeshi in the Globalized Era.

·       Inflation and Stabilization in Economy.

·       Role of Uneducated Population in Indian Economy.

·       Using Animals For Scientific Research.

·       Rural Life Vs. Urbanisation.

·       Corporate Social Responsibility.

·       Role of NABARD in Indian Agro-Economy.

·       Banning of Voting Symbols by the Election Commission.

List of Letter writing – Topics Asked in Previous Year of SBI PO Mains Exam:

·       Write a letter to the bank manager to share an innovative idea on file management system in banks

·       Write a letter to the newspaper editor on how to stop crime in city

·       Write a letter to your old teacher to thank him/her for making you a good human being

·       A letter to Complaint Letter : Being a customer of a so and so bank, you have to write a complaint letter to the Bank Manager about the negligence / irresponsibility of the employees

·       Letter to Editor : About tampering the currency notes by punching pins to it.

·       An Informal Letter about telling your friend about the advantages of PPF account and suggesting him to open a PPF account.

·       You are withdrawing money from ATM but the ATM turn out to be malfunctioned. So, money didn’t come out but deducted from account. Write a letter to bank manger for refund.

·       Letter to regional manager for change in bank timing as it is inconvenient for customers.

·       A Letter to Superintendent of Police raising the concern over the increased cases of theft near ATM.

·       A letter to bank for applying educational loan providing all particulars.

·       A letter to friend for encouraging and wishing him for civil service examination which he is writing for the third time.

·       A letter to editor for publishing some articles on stress management since these are exam season.

·       A letter to bank manager about the bad habit of stapling currency notes

·       A letter to friend to aware him about the importance and benefit of PPF (Public Provident Fund) account.

·       A letter to the Bank Manager for the rude behavior of one of the employee.

·       A letter to the Manager of the Bank for the Overdraft Facility which you stopped long ago with the bank.

·       Letter to Branch manager to add your daughter’s name as a second nominee for your savings account.

·       Letter to your friend to avoid junk food and inform her/him about its bad consequences

·       Write a letter to your friend explaining him your retirement plan

·       Mr. Piyush applied for loan of Rs. 26 lacs but he is eligible only for Rs. 22 lacs. Write a letter as a Bank Manager telling him about the refusal of his loan in a polite manner.

·       Write a letter to a client of your bank who got a car loan from you 2 years ago and has sold it now without paying the load.

·       Write a letter to your friend sharing experience of selection in SBI PO Exam.

·       Write an application to branch manager as you have lost your receipt of term deposit which matures in next week asking him what steps needs to be taken next.

·       Write a letter to a friend who has got scholarship to study in abroad but is not willing to go as he is a single child of his parents.

·       You completed (Banking& Insurance). Write an unsolicited letter to bank manager for the job.

·       Write a letter to a friend advising him/her not to lose hope after failure in university exam.

·       Letter to the Editor about Air Pollution and giving some suggestions.

·       Write a letter to a letter to client as Manager to help him close his savings account.

·       Write a letter to the newspaper regarding loan easiness.

·       Write a letter to the bank manger reporting him about missing of debit card

List of Letter Writing – Topics Asked in SBI Associate PO Exam

·       Letter to the Editor for describing the menace of Electronic Waste

·       Letter to your DTH Operator to deactivate your connection for one month since you’ll be out of station!

·       Letter to ISRO team to congratulate them about their Mars Orbitor mission


10 months ago .

The SBI PO Mains exam is right around the corner. And after the Mains Paper comes the Descriptive Test. The Descriptive Test is a 30 minute long paper worth 25 mark. You must have prepared your syllabus for the Mains paper by now. Hopefully, though, you haven’t been neglecting the practise for your SBI PO 2017 Descriptive Paper. In any case, here are a few expected Essay Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Paper 2017. These Expected Essay Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Paper will help you streamline your preparation.

Download this as PDF

The Descriptive Paper will test you on both your Essay Writing and Letter Writing skills. You will have about 15 minutes to write your essay. It will be administered to you directly after the Mains Paper. You will have to type out your Essay and Letter directly on to the computer. So make sure you are proficient with computers.

Before You Start with these SBI PO Essay Topics

Given below are a few expected essay topics for SBI PO Descriptive paper 2016. These are, therefore, topics that you can expect to encounter in the exam. Take a look at these articles before you start off with these topics, however.

Previous Years' Essay Topics in SBI PO Descriptive Paper

SBI PO Essay Tips for 2017 Descriptive Paper

Sample Essays for SBI PO Descriptive Paper - Part I

Sample Essays for SBI PO Descriptive Paper - Part II

Reasons Why SBI PO Descriptive Paper is Easy

Expected Essay Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Paper 2017

  • Impact and Scope of GST Bill in India.
  • Demonetization and its Consequences.
  • The bane of NPAs in the country.
  • The Current Picture of Women Empowerment in India.
  • Gauge the Success of Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan.
  • Ambit and Expansion of Aadhaar Card’s Scope in India.
  • Consolidation of Small Banks and their Implications on Work Force.
  • Can RTI eradicate corruption? If yes, then why did so many major scams take place in the past years?
  • Do you think decentralization is better than centralization? If yes, then explain how.
  • Do political parties have a role to play in communal riots? If yes then explain how can this be controlled?
  • Reservation: A Social Boon or Bane?
  • Evaluate the impact of Multi-brand retail on Indian economy.
  • Comment on direct and indirect benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to companies.
  • Explain how affordable and quality education can help in nation building.
  • Why do private banks reap more profit ratio than public sector banks?
  • Assess the role of sports activities on the economy of a country.
  • Discuss OROP and its feasibility.
  • What is the best way for the country to be rid of the menace of sexual harassment of women?

Once you finish preparing these topics thoroughly, check out these topics from previous years’ SBI PO Mains exam along with sample essays to get a more accurate picture of the exam.



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