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"Deadly, Unna?" by Phillip Gwynne is about the racial prejudicebetweens the white (gonnyas) and the black (nungas)in a small town in Port.The Goonyas lives in Port and nungas lives in points. More infomation will beshown on the essay.Racism is a belief that a particular race of people is better than others. In thenovel "Deadly, Unna?" by Phillip Gwynne, there is racial prejudice betweenthe Nungas and Goonyas in a small town in Port (Respectively also known asPoint.) Gary, also known as Blacky, first experiences racial prejudice andbegins to develop awareness of the racism around him. As we read on we willunderstand and discover how Gary changes, how he is affected by racismand how he reacts from others.In appearance, Blacky was not aware of how racist his friends were. Thefooty team's attitude between the Nungas and Goonyas was very serious.They always made racial comments among themselves and Blacky's reactionwas to go along with his friend to be racist."Mate of yours now, is he?" "No way. Not him. I hate his guts." Page25.After Blacky had made this comment, he spat on the ground to prove to all of his friends that he meant it. The next racial incident that Blacky witnessedwas the fight between Dumby and Mad Dog. After Dumby had been punchedin the side of the face by Mad Dog, Mad Dog made a racist comment."Don't shake hands with no boongs." Page29.Blacky reaction was selfish because he thanked Blacky for saving him insteadof how Blacky was feeling by the comment made by Mad Dog. This showsthat Blacky was not aware of the racial prejudice around him.Yet appearance was deceptive and Blacky just starts to become aware of theracial prejudice of his town. The beginning of Blacky's awareness was whenhe was sitting in the shed with Clarence, and noticed a racist comment ingraffiti on the wall above Clarence."BOONGS PISS OFF" Page121.Blacky begins to develop awareness of the racial prejudice of his town byreacting uncomfortable and guilty while with Clarence sitting under the sign.The next incident that Blacky experienced racism was when Mark Arks hadreceived the B.O.G trophy instead of Dumby."Mark Arks getting B.O.G. It's bullshit. That's Dumby's Trophy." Page133.Blacky reacted by running outside with a lot of anger building inside of himand told anyone who was in his way to 'Piss Off'. Blacky realized how racisthis town was against the Nungas. This was the turning point of Blacky's viewof the town.

"Deadly, Unna?" Important character Essay

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Kia ora Habeebro,

Great essay and I have attached comments below.

Please post essays in the correct forum to avoid them getting missed and make it easier for other students to compare notes.

All the best for the exam.


Describe at least ONE character or individual in the written text(s) who was an important example to younger readers. Explain why this character was an important reader to young readers.

A character that readers can learn from in a text is always appreciated and often stands as an important example to young readers. Phillip Gwynne’s novel, ‘Deadly, Unna?’ tells the story of Gary ‘Blacky’ Black through first person narration. Although he is initially naive, he begins to develop sophistication and maturity in his thoughts and behaviour. He realises the town he once believed was wholly positive is in fact surreptitiously racially prejudice towards aboriginals and he begins to react towards this. Through his coming of age, he becomes a role model to not only his younger siblings, but also younger readers.

Gary Black plays lock for his local AFL team. To begin with, he has a relatively low esteem, is naive in many respects and even at times demonstrates a dislike for responsibility. “What if my best is not good enough?” he doubts himself near the start of the novel. Most significantly, he is blind to the racism and the nepotism his town displays and even joins in on the racist jokes. However, Gary begins to change his ways and starts to alter his mindset towards the aboriginals and appreciate that outward appearances do not always represent truthful inward realities. His loathe of responsibility changes when he realises that “Maybe ‘they’ are too busy” This implies that the white townsfolk who can change the town's racist ways are not actually busy but instead do not want to change as the situation as it is suits them. He takes matters into his own hands which allows him to first comprehend, and then most importantly for readers, exemplify the lessons that he has. Younger readers are able to benefit the most by these lessons.

Gary Black is an important example to younger readers for many reasons. One reason is that he displays the lessons he has learned first hand in the story. Gary’s main turning point comes when begins to not only see the racism his town displays but also react to it – the AFL awards night. During the ceremony, Mark ‘Arks’ is awarded Best on Ground when Dumby Red, an aboriginal, was clearly the star player. Gary reacts to this emphatically exclaiming “Mark Arks getting B.O.G. It’s bullshit. That’s Dumby’s trophy.” We as readers see that Gary has discovered his town’s nepotism and is considerably upset about this. This is significant to younger readers and it shows that no matter your age, you can comprehend both overt and subtle wrongdoings and thereafter even oppose your towns ideologies if they are indeed wrong. Later on in the night, Gary makes this even more apparent and ‘dobs’ the trophy he received, yelling “Youse can stick your footy...up your *****.” This reveals that Gary is aware of the racial prejudice of his town and is even willing to give footy, a sport he enjoys, up for racial equality. Even though this is a fictitious novel, readers can apply what Gary has learnt in their own lives by standing up to negative ideologies. Situations like bullying in school due to racial backgrounds would not be an unheard of example.

Gary is especially important to younger readers because he teaches them how to develop an ideology that opposes racism. Gary progressively beings to understand that he can set himself apart from his town’s mentality despite this seeming a daunting and difficult prospect. An example when this is conveyed to us, is when Big Mac, a bartender, tells a racist joke. “Did ya hear the one about the boong and the priest?”. This shows the mentality of a racist individual that calls aboriginals ‘boongs’ in a disrespectful manner. Gary then narrates “And they all laughed… but I didn’t. I don’t know why. I had laughed before… I knew it had to do with Dumby, Clarence and Tommy Red.” This signals to readers a developing ideology of opposing the close-minded dogma of his friends both casual and overt racism. His behaviour teaches younger readers that, no matter what, you can oppose wrongdoing even if it seems insignificant (which it often is not). If Gary can learn that what he was doing at the beginning of the story was wrong and even change his ways for the better, then there is hope that younger readers can implement a similar change in our world as well. This is quite significant to people of a younger audience as they can be taught about the evolution that Gary went through and by mimicking his development in our society better enrich the world we live in.

Another reason why Gary is important to younger readers is that he shows bravery in opposing his towns racism which was an intimidating institution to face up to. An example of this is when Gary wants to paint over a racial slur on the jetty wall in his town that reads “BOONGS PISS OFF”. He lacks the paint to do so, so he purloins it from his father. However, he is caught in the act by his dad Bob Black and openly tells his father the intended purpose for the paint. His father reacts explicitly shouting “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR … MIND?!” This shows the mentality of an adult who encourages racism. Gwynne uses this section in the novel to contrast Gary and his father to display that Gary is able to be more morally upright than an adult. His bravery is further shown when he is asked to put the paint back to which he replies “I can’t put it back.”This is a prime example to younger readers that bravery when combined with doing what it right can triumph over negative ideologies. This is something that should be appreciated in our society. Younger readers are influenced by the important qualities Gary shows and come to understand that age does not matter when choosing between doing right or wrong. They too can be morally upright like Gary.

Phillip Gwynne clearly conveys the importance of Gary as a character to young readers. His writing teaches them several important worldly lessons through the different morals and lessons that Gary comes to learn. ‘Blacky’ s’ character allows readers to see what maturity and sophistication is: making the right choices even when there is an easier but wrongful pathway. Gwynne's prime purpose in characterising Gary as he has is also to influence the younger readers and teach them to oppose racial prejudice and nepotism.

Looking for some feedback on this to ensure my essay is fine for the exam
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Thanks for the feedback! I'll make a few changes to shorten it a bit. I have tried publishing this and I got it done in 1 hr. I am quite a fast writer and I should be able to do this in the allotted time.

Thanks again
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That's great to hear! You must be speedy! Please can you post on the threads for written text and visual text next time? We have threads for Visual Text and Written Text so that all essays/paragraphs are collected in one place, partly for ease of organisation, and also to help you see what other students are writing about, too, for comparison. Keep up the awesome effort ! Ka kite, ET6
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