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Our most eloquent champion of individualism, Emerson acknowledges at the same time the countervailing pressures of society in American life. Even as he extols what he called "the great and crescive self," he dramatizes and records its vicissitudes. Here is a collection of his classic essays, including the exhortation to "Self-Reliance" and the embattled realizations of "Circles" and "Experience." Here, too, are his wide-ranging discourses on history, art, politics, nature, friendship, love, and much more.

For the first time, the authoritative editions of works by major American novelists, poets, scholars, and essayists collected in the hardcover volumes of The Library of America are being published singly in a series of handsome and durable paperback books. A distinguished author has contributed an introduction for each volume, which also includes a detailed chronology of the author's life and career, an essay on the choice of the text, and notes.

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Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City
DistributionPenguin Random House Publisher Services[1]
Publication typesBooks
Official websitewww.loa.org

The Library of America (LOA) is a nonprofitpublisher of classic American literature. Founded in 1979 with seed money from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Ford Foundation, the LOA has published over 200 volumes by a wide range of authors from Mark Twain to Philip Roth, Nathaniel Hawthorne to Saul Bellow, including the selected writings of several U.S. presidents.[2]

Overview and history[edit]

The Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ("La Pléiade") series published in France provided the model for the LOA, which was long a dream of critic and author Edmund Wilson.[3]

The initial organizers included American academic Daniel Aaron,[4]Lawrence Hughes, Helen Honig Meyer, and Roger W. Straus, Jr.. The initial board of advisers included Robert Penn Warren, C. Vann Woodward, R. W. B. Lewis, Robert Coles, Irving Howe, and Eudora Welty. Officers included Richard Poirier, Jason Epstein, Daniel Aaron, and Cheryl Hurley.[3] As of 2017[update], Hurley remains president of the Library of America. [5][6]

The first volumes were published in 1982, ten years after Wilson's death.[3] Besides the works of many individual writers, the series includes anthologies like Reporting World War II and (in a different format from the above illustration) Writing Los Angeles.

The publisher aims to keep classics and notable historical and genre works in print permanently to preserve America's literary and cultural heritage. Although the LOA sells more than a quarter-million volumes annually, the publisher depends on individual contributions to help meet the costs of preparing, marketing, manufacturing, and maintaining its books. Some books published as additions to the series are not kept in print in perpetuity.

The Publisher of Library of America is Max Rudin; Geoffrey O'Brien is Editor-in-Chief; David Cloyce Smith is Director of Marketing.[7]

Research and scholarship[edit]

LOA volumes are prepared and edited by recognized scholars on the subject. Determined efforts are made to correct errors and omissions in previous editions and create a definitive version of the material. Notes on the text are normally included and the source texts properly identified.

For instance, the LOA text of Richard Wright'sNative Son restored a number of passages that had been previously cut. The LOA commissioned a new translation of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America by Arthur Goldhammer for their edition of the text.

Each volume also includes a chronology of the author's career or significant incidents in the case of the anthology volumes.

Build and manufacture[edit]

Each volume in the series is printed on (acid-free), thin, but durable paper (allowing books with a large number of pages to remain fairly compact). The paper meets the requirements for permanence set by the American National Standards Institute. The binding cloth is woven rayon. The books are Smyth-sewn for permanence and flexibility, and each includes a ribbon marker. Each volume has an identical trim size, based on the golden ratio, which the ancient Greeks considered to be the ideal proportion. Each volume contains 700 to 1,600 pages. The typeface used for each volume is Galliard.

The Library of America series[edit]

Main series[edit]

1Melville, HermanHerman MelvilleTypee, Omoo, MardiTanselle, G. ThomasG. Thomas Tanselle1982978-0-940450-00-4
2Hawthorne, NathanielNathaniel HawthorneTales and SketchesPearce, Roy HarveyRoy Harvey Pearce1982978-0-940450-03-5
3Whitman, WaltWalt WhitmanPoetry and ProseKaplan, JustinJustin Kaplan1982978-0-940450-02-8
4Beecher Stowe, HarrietHarriet Beecher StoweThree NovelsSklar, Kathryn KishKathryn Kish Sklar1982978-0-940450-01-1
5Twain, MarkMark TwainMississippi WritingsCardwell, GuyGuy Cardwell1982978-0-940450-07-3
6London, JackJack LondonNovels and StoriesPizer, DonaldDonald Pizer1982978-0-940450-05-9
7London, JackJack LondonNovels and Social WritingsPizer, DonaldDonald Pizer1982978-0-940450-06-6
8Howells, William DeanWilliam Dean HowellsNovels 1875–1886Cady, Edwin M.Edwin M. Cady1982978-0-940450-04-2
9Melville, HermanHerman MelvilleRedburn, White-Jacket, Moby-DickTanselle, G. ThomasG. Thomas Tanselle1983978-0-940450-09-7
10Hawthorne, NathanielNathaniel HawthorneCollected NovelsBell, MillicentMillicent Bell1983978-0-940450-08-0
11Parkman, FrancisFrancis ParkmanFrance and England in North America, vol. 1Levin, DavidDavid Levin1983978-0-940450-10-3
12Parkman, FrancisFrancis ParkmanFrance and England in North America, vol. 2Levin, DavidDavid Levin1983978-0-940450-11-0
13James, HenryHenry JamesNovels 1871–1880Stafford, William T.William T. Stafford1983978-0-940450-13-4
14Adams, HenryHenry AdamsNovels, Mont Saint Michel, The EducationSamuels, ErnestErnest Samuels & & Jayne N. Samuels1983978-0-940450-12-7
15Emerson, Ralph WaldoRalph Waldo EmersonEssays and LecturesPorte, JoelJoel Porte1983978-0-940450-15-8
16Irving, WashingtonWashington IrvingHistory, Tales, and SketchesTuttleton, James W.James W. Tuttleton1983978-0-940450-14-1
17Jefferson, ThomasThomas JeffersonWritingsPeterson, Merrill D.Merrill D. Peterson1984978-0-940450-16-5
18Crane, StephenStephen CraneProse and PoetryLevenson, J. C.J. C. Levenson1984978-0-940450-17-2
19Poe, Edgar AllanEdgar Allan PoePoetry and TalesQuinn, Patrick F.Patrick F. Quinn1984978-0-940450-18-9
20Poe, Edgar AllanEdgar Allan PoeEssays and ReviewsThompson, G. R.G. R. Thompson1984978-0-940450-19-6
21Twain, MarkMark TwainThe Innocents Abroad & Roughing ItCardwell, GuyGuy Cardwell1984978-0-940450-25-7
22James, HenryHenry JamesLiterary Criticism: Essays, American & English WritersEdel, LeonLeon Edel & Mark Wilson1984978-0-940450-22-6
23James, HenryHenry JamesLiterary Criticism: European Writers & The PrefacesEdel, LeonLeon Edel & Mark Wilson1984978-0-940450-23-3
24Melville, HermanHerman MelvillePierre, Israel Potter, The Confidence-Man, Tales & Billy BuddHayford, HarrisonHarrison Hayford1985978-0-940450-24-0
25Faulkner, WilliamWilliam FaulknerNovels 1930–1935: As I Lay Dying/Sanctuary/Light in August/PylonBlotner, JosephJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1985978-0-940450-26-4
26Cooper, James FenimoreJames Fenimore CooperThe Leatherstocking Tales, vol. 1Nevius, BlakeBlake Nevius1985978-0-940450-20-2
27Cooper, James FenimoreJames Fenimore CooperThe Leatherstocking Tales, vol. 2Nevius, BlakeBlake Nevius1985978-0-940450-21-9
28Thoreau, Henry DavidHenry David ThoreauA Week, Walden, The Maine Woods, Cape CodSayre, Robert F.Robert F. Sayre1985978-0-940450-27-1
29James, HenryHenry JamesNovels 1881–1886Stafford, William T.William T. Stafford1985978-0-940450-30-1
30Wharton, EdithEdith WhartonNovelsLewis, R. W. B.R. W. B. Lewis1986978-0-940450-31-8
31Adams, HenryHenry AdamsHistory of the United States during the Administrations of JeffersonHarbert, Earl N.Earl N. Harbert1986978-0-940450-34-9
32Adams, HenryHenry AdamsHistory of the United States during the Administrations of MadisonHarbert, Earl N.Earl N. Harbert1986978-0-940450-35-6
33Norris, FrankFrank NorrisNovels and EssaysPizer, DonaldDonald Pizer1986978-0-940450-40-0
34Du Bois, W. E. B.W. E. B. Du BoisWritingsHuggins, Nathan I.Nathan I. Huggins1986978-0-940450-33-2
35Cather, WillaWilla CatherEarly Novels and StoriesO'Brien, SharonSharon O'Brien1987978-0-940450-39-4
36Dreiser, TheodoreTheodore DreiserSister Carrie, Jennie Gerhardt, Twelve MenLehan, RichardRichard Lehan1987978-0-940450-41-7
37AFranklin, BenjaminBenjamin FranklinSilence Dogood, The Busy-Body, & Early WritingsLemay, J. A. LeoJ. A. Leo Lemay1987
37BFranklin, BenjaminBenjamin FranklinAutobiography, Poor Richard, & Later WritingsLemay, J. A. LeoJ. A. Leo Lemay1987
38James, WilliamWilliam JamesWritings 1902–1910Kuklick, BruceBruce Kuklick1987978-0-940450-38-7
39O'Connor, FlanneryFlannery O'ConnorCollected WorksFitzgerald, SallySally Fitzgerald1988978-0-940450-37-0
40O'Neill, EugeneEugene O'NeillComplete Plays 1913–1920Bogard, TravisTravis Bogard1988978-0-940450-48-6
41O'Neill, EugeneEugene O'NeillComplete Plays 1920–1931Bogard, TravisTravis Bogard1988978-0-940450-49-3
42O'Neill, EugeneEugene O'NeillComplete Plays 1932–1943Bogard, TravisTravis Bogard1988978-0-940450-50-9
43James, HenryHenry JamesNovels 1886–1890Fogel, Daniel MarkDaniel Mark Fogel1989978-0-940450-56-1
44Howells, William DeanWilliam Dean HowellsNovels 1886–1888Cook, Don L.Don L. Cook1989978-0-940450-51-6
45Lincoln, AbrahamAbraham LincolnSpeeches and Writings 1832–1858Fehrenbacher, Don E.Don E. Fehrenbacher1989978-0-940450-43-1
46Lincoln, AbrahamAbraham LincolnSpeeches and Writings 1859–1865Fehrenbacher, Don E.Don E. Fehrenbacher1989978-0-940450-63-9
47Wharton, EdithEdith WhartonNovellas and Other WritingsWolff, Cynthia GriffinCynthia Griffin Wolff1990978-0-940450-53-0
48Faulkner, WilliamWilliam FaulknerNovels 1936–1940: Absalom, Absalom!/The Unvanquished/If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem/The HamletBlotner, JosephJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1990978-0-940450-55-4
49Cather, WillaWilla CatherLater NovelsO'Brien, SharonSharon O'Brien1990978-0-940450-52-3
50Grant, Ulysses S.Ulysses S. GrantPersonal Memoirs and Selected LettersMcFeeley, Mary DrakeMary Drake McFeeley & William S. McFeeley1990978-0-940450-58-5
51Sherman, William TecumsehWilliam Tecumseh ShermanMemoirsRoyster, CharlesCharles Royster1990978-0-940450-65-3
52Irving, WashingtonWashington IrvingBracebridge Hall, Tales of a Traveller, The AlhambraMyers, AndrewAndrew Myers1991978-0-940450-59-2
53Parkman, FrancisFrancis ParkmanThe Oregon Trail, The Conspiracy of PontiacTaylor, William R.William R. Taylor1991978-0-940450-54-7
54Cooper, James FenimoreJames Fenimore CooperSea Tales, The Pilot, The Red RoverHouse, Kay SeymourKay Seymour House & Thomas Philbrick1991978-0-940450-70-7
55Wright, RichardRichard WrightEarly Works: Black Boy (American Hunger) / The OutsiderRampersad, ArnoldArnold Rampersad1991978-0-94045066-0
56Wright, RichardRichard WrightLater Works: Lawd Today! / Uncle Tom's Children / Native SonRampersad, ArnoldArnold Rampersad1991978-0-940450-67-7
57Cather, WillaWilla CatherStories, Poems, and Other WritingsO'Brien, SharonSharon O'Brien1991978-0-940450-71-4
58James, WilliamWilliam JamesWritings 1878–1899Myers, GeraldGerald Myers1992978-0-940450-72-1
59Lewis, SinclairSinclair LewisMain Street & BabbittHersey, JohnJohn Hersey1992978-0-940450-61-5
60Twain, MarkMark TwainCollected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays 1852–1890Budd, Louis J.Louis J. Budd1992978-0-940450-36-3
61Twain, MarkMark TwainCollected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays 1891–1910Budd, Louis J.Louis J. Budd1992978-0-940450-73-8
62variousThe Debate on the Constitution: Part OneBailyn, BernardBernard Bailyn1993978-0-940450-42-4
63variousThe Debate on the Constitution: Part TwoBailyn, BernardBernard Bailyn1993978-0-940450-64-6
64James, HenryHenry JamesCollected Travel Writings: Great Britain & AmericaHoward, RichardRichard Howard1993978-0-940450-76-9
65James, HenryHenry JamesCollected Travel Writings: The ContinentHoward, RichardRichard Howard1993978-0-940450-77-6
66variousAmerican Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Vol. 1Hollander, JohnJohn Hollander1993978-0-940450-60-8
67variousAmerican Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Vol. 2Hollander, JohnJohn Hollander1993978-0-940450-78-3
68Douglass, FrederickFrederick DouglassAutobiographyGates, Jr., Henry LouisHenry Louis Gates, Jr.1994978-0-940450-79-0
69Jewett, Sarah OrneSarah Orne JewettNovels and StoriesBell, Michael DavittMichael Davitt Bell1994978-0-940450-74-5
70Emerson, Ralph WaldoRalph Waldo EmersonCollected Poems and TranslationsBloom, HaroldHarold Bloom & Paul Kane1994978-0-940450-28-8
71Twain, MarkMark TwainHistorical RomancesHarris, Susan K.Susan K. Harris1994978-0-940450-82-0
72Steinbeck, JohnJohn SteinbeckNovels and Stories 1932–1937DeMott, RobertRobert DeMott & Elaine A. Steinbeck1994978-1-883011-01-7
73Faulkner, WilliamWilliam FaulknerNovels 1942–1954: Go Down, Moses/Intruder in the Dust/Requiem for a Nun/A FableBlotner, JosephJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1994978-0-940450-85-1
74Hurston, Zora NealeZora Neale HurstonNovels and StoriesWall, Cheryl A.Cheryl A. Wall1995978-0-940450-83-7
75Hurston, Zora NealeZora Neale HurstonFolklore, Memoirs, and Other WritingsWall, Cheryl A.Cheryl A. Wall1995978-0-940450-84-4
76Paine, ThomasThomas PaineCollected WritingsFoner, EricEric Foner1995978-1-883011-03-1
77variousReporting World War II: American Journalism 1938–1944Advisory Board: Samuel Hynes, Anne Matthews, et al.1995978-1-883011-04-8
78variousReporting World War II: American Journalism 1944–1946Advisory Board: Samuel Hynes, Anne Matthews, et al.1995978-1-883011-05-5
79Chandler, RaymondRaymond ChandlerStories and Early NovelsMacShane, FrankFrank MacShane1995978-1-883011-07-9
80Chandler, RaymondRaymond ChandlerLater Novels and Other WritingsMacShane, FrankFrank MacShane1995978-1-883011-08-6
81Frost, RobertRobert FrostCollected Poems, Prose & PlaysPoirier, RichardRichard Poirier & Mark Richardson1995978-1-883011-06-2
82James, HenryHenry JamesComplete Stories 1892–1898Hollander, JohnJohn Hollander, David Bromwich, Denis Donoghue1996978-1-883011-09-3
83James, HenryHenry JamesComplete Stories 1898–1910Hollander, JohnJohn Hollander, David Bromwich, Denis Donoghue1996978-1-883011-10-9
84Bartram, WilliamWilliam BartramTravels and Other WritingsSlaughter, ThomasThomas Slaughter1996978-1-883011-11-6
85Dos Passos, JohnJohn Dos PassosU.S.A.Ludington, TownsendTownsend Ludington & Daniel Aaron1996978-1-883011-14-7
86Steinbeck, JohnJohn SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath and Other Writings 1936–1941DeMott, RobertRobert DeMott & Elaine A. Steinbeck1996978-1-883011-15-4
87Nabokov, VladimirVladimir NabokovNovels and Memoirs 1943–1951Boyd, BrianBrian Boyd1996978-1-883011-18-5
88Nabokov, VladimirVladimir NabokovNovels 1955–1962Boyd, BrianBrian Boyd1996978-1-883011-19-2
89Nabokov, VladimirVladimir NabokovNovels 1969–1974Boyd, BrianBrian Boyd1996978-1-883011-20-8
90Thurber, JamesJames ThurberWritings and DrawingsKeillor, GarrisonGarrison Keillor1996978-1-883011-22-2
91Washington, GeorgeGeorge WashingtonWritingsRhodehamel, JohnJohn Rhodehamel1997978-1-883011-23-9
92Muir, JohnJohn MuirNature WritingsCronon, WilliamWilliam Cronon1997978-1-883011-24-6
93West, NathanaelNathanael WestNovels and Other WritingsBercovitch, SacvanSacvan Bercovitch1997978-1-883011-28-4
94variousCrime Novels: American Noir of the 1930s and 40sPolito, RobertRobert Polito1997978-1-883011-46-8
95variousCrime Novels: American Noir of the 1950sPolito, RobertRobert Polito1997978-1-883011-49-9
96Stevens, WallaceWallace StevensCollected Poetry and ProseKermode, FrankFrank Kermode & Joan Richardson1997978-1-883011-45-1
97Baldwin, JamesJames BaldwinEarly Novels and StoriesMorrison, ToniToni Morrison1998978-1-883011-51-2
98Baldwin, JamesJames BaldwinCollected EssaysMorrison, ToniToni Morrison1998978-1-883011-52-9
99Stein, GertrudeGertrude SteinWritings 1903–1932Chessman, HarrietHarriet Chessman & Catharine R. Stimpson1998978-1-883011-40-6
100Stein, GertrudeGertrude SteinWritings 1932–1946Chessman, HarrietHarriet Chessman & Catharine R. Stimpson1998978-1-883011-41-3
101Welty, EudoraEudora WeltyComplete NovelsFord, RichardRichard Ford & Michael Kreyling1998978-1-883011-54-3
102Welty, EudoraEudora WeltyStories, Essays, & MemoirFord, RichardRichard Ford & Michael Kreyling1998978-1-883011-55-0
103Brown, Charles BrockdenCharles Brockden BrownThree Gothic NovelsKrause, Sydney J.Sydney J. Krause1998978-1-883011-57-4
104variousReporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959–1969Advisory board: Milton J. Bates, Lawrence Lichty, et al.1998978-1-883011-58-1
105variousReporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1969–1975Advisory board: Milton J. Bates, Lawrence Lichty, et al.1998978-1-883011-59-8
106James, HenryHenry JamesComplete Stories 1874–1884Vance, WilliamWilliam Vance1999978-1-883011-63-5
107James, HenryHenry JamesComplete Stories 1884–1891Said, EdwardEdward Said1999978-1-883011-64-2
108variousAmerican Sermons: The Pilgrims to Martin Luther King Jr.Warner, MichaelMichael Warner1999978-1-883011-65-9
109Madison, JamesJames MadisonWritingsRakove, Jack N.Jack N. Rakove1999978-1-883011-66-6
110Hammett, DashiellDashiell HammettComplete NovelsMarcus, StevenSteven Marcus1999978-1-883011-67-3
111James, HenryHenry JamesComplete Stories 1864–1874Strouse, JeanJean Strouse1999978-1-883011-70-3
112Faulkner, WilliamWilliam FaulknerNovels 1957–1962: The Town/The Mansion/The ReiversPolk, NoelNoel Polk (notes by Joseph Blotner)1999978-1-883011-69-7
113Audubon, John JamesJohn James AudubonWritings & DrawingsIrmscher, ChristophChristoph Irmscher1999978-1-883011-68-0
114variousSlave NarrativesAndrews, William L.William L. Andrews & Henry Louis Gates, Jr.2000978-1-883011-76-5
115variousAmerican Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Vol. 1Advisory board: Robert Hass, John Hollander, et al.2000978-1-883011-77-2
116variousAmerican Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Vol. 2Advisory board: Robert Hass, John Hollander, et al.2000978-1-883011-78-9
117Fitzgerald, F. ScottF. Scott FitzgeraldNovels and Stories 1920–1922Bryer, Jackson R.Jackson R. Bryer2000978-1-883011-84-0
118Longfellow, Henry WadsworthHenry Wadsworth LongfellowPoems and Other WritingsMcClatchy, J.D.J.D. McClatchy2000978-1-883011-85-7
119Williams, TennesseeTennessee WilliamsPlays 1937–1955Gussow, MelMel Gussow & Kenneth Holditch2000978-1-883011-86-4
120Williams, TennesseeTennessee WilliamsPlays 1957–1980Gussow, MelMel Gussow & Kenneth Holditch2000978-1-883011-87-1
121Wharton, EdithEdith WhartonCollected Stories 1891–1910Howard, MaureenMaureen Howard2001978-1-883011-93-2
122Wharton, EdithEdith WhartonCollected Stories 1911–1937Howard, MaureenMaureen Howard2001978-1-883011-94-9
123variousThe American Revolution: Writings from the War of IndependenceRhodehamel, JohnJohn Rhodehamel2001978-1-883011-91-8
124Thoreau, Henry DavidHenry David ThoreauCollected Essays and PoemsWitherell, Elizabeth HallElizabeth Hall Witherell2001978-1-883011-95-6
125Hammett, DashiellDashiell HammettCrime Stories and Other WritingsMarcus, StevenSteven Marcus2001978-1-931082-00-6
126Powell, DawnDawn PowellNovels 1930–1942: Dance Night/Come Back to Sorrento/ Turn, Magic Wheel/Angels on Toast/A Time to Be BornPage, TimTim Page2001978-1-931082-01-3
127Powell, DawnDawn PowellNovels 1944–1962: My Home Is Far Away/The Locusts Have No King/The Wicked Pavilion/The Golden SpurPage, TimTim Page2001978-1-931082-02-0
128McCullers, CarsonCarson McCullersComplete NovelsDews, CarlosCarlos Dews2001978-1-931082-03-7
129Hamilton, AlexanderAlexander HamiltonWritingsFreeman, Joanne B.Joanne B. Freeman2001978-1-931082-04-4
130Twain, MarkMark TwainThe Gilded Age and Later NovelsHill, Hamlin L.Hamlin L. Hill2002978-1-931082-10-5
131Chesnutt, Charles W.Charles W. ChesnuttStories, Novels, and EssaysSollors, WernerWerner Sollors2002978-1-931082-06-8
132Steinbeck, JohnJohn SteinbeckNovels 1942–1952DeMott, RobertRobert DeMott2002978-1-931082-07-5
133Lewis, SinclairSinclair LewisArrowsmith, Elmer Gantry, DodsworthLingeman, RichardRichard Lingeman2002978-1-931082-08-2
134Bowles, PaulPaul BowlesThe Sheltering Sky, Let It Come Down, The Spider's HouseHalpern, DanielDaniel Halpern2002978-1-931082-19-8
135Bowles, PaulPaul BowlesComplete Stories & Later WritingsHalpern, DanielDaniel Halpern2002978-1-931082-20-4
136Chopin, KateKate ChopinComplete Novels & StoriesGilbert, Sandra M.Sandra M. Gilbert2002978-1-931082-21-1
137variousReporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941–1963Advisory board: Clayborne Carson, David J. Garrow, Bill Kovach, Carol Polsgrove2003978-1-931082-28-0
138variousReporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963–1973Advisory board: Clayborne Carson, David J. Garrow, Bill Kovach, Carol Polsgrove2003978-1-931082-29-7
139James, HenryHenry JamesNovels 1896–1899Jehlen, MyraMyra Jehlen2003978-1-931082-30-3
140Dreiser, TheodoreTheodore DreiserAn American TragedyRiggio, Thomas P.Thomas P. Riggio2003978-1-931082-31-0
141Bellow, SaulSaul BellowNovels 1944–1953Wood, JamesJames Wood2003978-1-931082-38-9
142Dos Passos, JohnJohn Dos PassosNovels 1920–1925Ludington, TownsendTownsend Ludington2003978-1-931082-39-6
143Dos Passos, JohnJohn Dos PassosTravel Books and Other WritingsLudington, TownsendTownsend Ludington2003978-1-931082-40-2
144Pound, EzraEzra PoundPoems and TranslationsSieburth, RichardRichard Sieburth2003978-1-931082-41-9
145Johnson, James WeldonJames Weldon JohnsonWritingsAndrews, William L.William L. Andrews2004978-1-931082-52-5
146Irving, WashingtonWashington IrvingThree Western NarrativesRonda, James P.James P. Ronda2004978-1-931082-53-2
147de Tocqueville, AlexisAlexis de TocquevilleDemocracy in AmericaZunz, OlivierOlivier Zunz2004978-1-931082-54-9
148Farrell, James T.James T. FarrellStuds Lonigan: A TrilogyHamill, PetePete Hamill2004978-1-931082-55-6
149Singer, Isaac BashevisIsaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 1Stavans, IlanIlan Stavans2004978-1-931082-61-7
150Singer, Isaac BashevisIsaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 2Stavans, IlanIlan Stavans2004978-1-931082-62-4
151Singer, Isaac BashevisIsaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 3Stavans, IlanIlan Stavans2004978-1-931082-63-1
152Kaufman, GeorgeGeorge Kaufman & Co.Broadway ComediesMaslon, LaurenceLaurence Maslon2004978-1-931082-67-9
153Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore RooseveltThe Rough Riders and an AutobiographyAuchincloss, LouisLouis Auchincloss2004978-1-931082-65-5
154Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore RooseveltLetters and SpeechesAuchincloss, LouisLouis Auchincloss2004978-1-931082-66-2
155Lovecraft, H. P.H. P. LovecraftTalesStraub, PeterPeter Straub2005978-1-931082-72-3
156Alcott, Louisa MayLouisa May AlcottLittle Women, Little Men, Jo's BoysShowalter, ElaineElaine Showalter2005978-1-931082-73-0
157Roth, PhilipPhilip RothNovels and Stories 1959–1962: Goodbye, Columbus & Five Short Stories/Letting GoMiller, RossRoss Miller2005978-1-931082-79-2
158Roth, PhilipPhilip RothNovels 1967–1972: When She Was Good/Portnoy's Complaint/Our Gang/The BreastMiller, RossRoss Miller2005978-1-931082-80-8
159Agee, JamesJames AgeeLet Us Now Praise Famous Men, A Death in the Family, Shorter FictionSragow, MichaelMichael Sragow2005978-1-931082-81-5
160Agee, JamesJames AgeeFilm Writing and Selected JournalismSragow, MichaelMichael Sragow2005978-1-931082-82-2
161Dana, Jr., Richard HenryRichard Henry Dana, Jr.Two Years Before the Mast & Other VoyagesPhilbrick, Thomas


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