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DRIELLE ROCHA – CASE STUDY – DOW CORNING SUCCESS IN CHINA How should Dow Corning make good use of its two brands to grasp the China market to sustain its long-term growth?Dow Corning is a joint venture between the Dow chemical’s Co, and Corning, Inc. It is a global leader in silicones and silicon-based technology innovation and it provides different products for a different type of industries. Dow Corning has two models brands, Dow Corning brand, and Xiameter brand. The Down Corning brand provides based on consumer propositions, the material and service packages and it is more expensive due to the added value and support, Xiameter brand provides only the product and offers a better price because it reduced 60% on logistics cost. The two brands complement each other, and customers understood very well the difference between brands, most consumers valued the services offered by Dow Corning brand which made it survive when the Xiameter model was introduced. Xiameter provides another option for its consumers attending very well the consumers who already know what they need and do not require additional services or technical support. The company has been successful with the two model, attending two different segments of consumers, who is price- driven and who needs the whole package of material and services and are willing to pay for it.

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