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Veterans Day Writing Prompts

Here are 10 Veterans Day writing prompts you can use to ring in the holiday with your classroom or your own personal journal. If you enjoyed these prompts, buy the entire collection of 1,000 Writing Prompts for Holidays on Amazon.

161. One difficult part of serving in the military is that soldiers often have to be away from their families, even during holidays. How do you think you would cope with being so far away from home? How would your family members express that they miss you?

162. Have you ever had any relatives who were involved with the military? What branch of the Armed Forces did they serve and did you ever see any pictures of them in their uniforms? What do you think the military was like for them?

163. Why do you think that it’s important for veterans of the military to have a special holiday devoted to them? What are some ways in which you can show your appreciation for their service?

164. The American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance are two very important symbols of Veterans Day and the United States. Why do you think they're so important? What do you think it means when we salute the flag and say the pledge?

165. During some of the major wars like World War II and the Korean War, some animations studios made cartoons to support the war effort. Imagine that you were making a cartoon to support the troops. What would it be about and why?

166. Not all veterans are people who have fought in wars. Some work behind the scenes to improve the safety of the country in other ways. What are some ways in which you can help your country without fighting? Why do you think your help is important?

167. Create a made-up story using the following words: veteran, service, peace, and homecoming.

168. You and your friends have been asked to write a new song about America to honor the troops for Veterans Day. What kind of song do you write? What is the song about? Do you think that the veterans will enjoy it? Why or why not?

169. In the past, only men were allowed to serve in the military. Do you think it's important that both men and women serve in the military today? Why or why not? What are some ways in which we can honor the women who have devoted their lives to service?

170. If you had to pick among serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Air Force, which would you pick and why?

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    Written by Bryan Cohen

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    What Is Veterans Day And Why Is It So Important?

    Each November 11, the United States observes Veterans Day – the one day set aside on our annual calendars during which we can honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much of their own lives in order to serve the United States as part of our armed forces. In this essay I will outline the purpose of Veterans Day and how it came to be. I will also examine some of the reasons why it is important to observe this particular holiday.

    The designated date of November 11 has a symbolic meaning which is why it was selected as the most appropriate day to honor our military veterans. It is the day which symbolically marked the end of the first World war in 1918. Fighting came to an end at 11am on November 11 – the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. In 1926, Armistice Day was celebrated for the first time when an unknown American soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery a site of great honor in the United States. Similar ceremonial burials took place at Westminster Abbey in England and at Arc de Triomphe in France which are also sites of high honor. From that day onward, Armistice Day was celebrated annually as a way to pay tribute to everyone who fought in World War One. In 1938, Armistice Day was proclaimed an official national holiday. Unfortunately, although many had dubbed World War I the ‘war to end all wars’, peace did not last and the second world war erupted in 1939. Following the end of the war and with the realization that there was undoubtedly going to be more war in the future Armistice Day was officially renamed Veterans Day starting November 11, 1954 as a national holiday to honor all veterans who had served America in any war past, present of future.

    There is often some confusion between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but the difference between them is actually very simple. Memorial Day, which is celebrated on the last Monday in May, is a day of remembrance of the men and women who died in service of their country. On the other hand, Veterans Day is a celebration and a thank you for the service of all United States military veterans who are alive or dead. Veterans Day is intended to honor the sacrifices that they have made to help retain the freedom of American citizens – something that many of us take for granted.

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    This leads us into why it is important to celebrate Veterans Day. When the holiday was first officially declared it was intended to be a day on which there would be parades, public meetings and when businesses would cease trading if not for the day then at least for a short time around 11am as a mark of respect. However, it often seems like there are fewer people participating is those kinds of activities largely because there is no legal requirement not to open a business on the day. However, it is incredibly important for American citizens to make time to celebrate our fighting men and women. We are lucky enough to live in relative freedom. This is very much thanks to our Veterans. These brave men and women have put their own lives on the line to ensure that we have the freedoms that we enjoy every single day. Surely for this reason alone, dedicating one day a year to offer our thanks to them is a small price to pay. Veterans Day is also important because it is not just the serving military members themselves who have sacrificed themselves for our freedom and safety. Think about the families of these service men and women who have also had to give up many of the things we take for granted.

    In conclusion, Veterans Day is an important national holiday which celebrates veterans of the United States Military, regardless of which war they have fought in. It is important to observe Veterans Day in order to make sure that we honor these brave men and women who serve our country. Considering the great personal risk to themselves these brave souls are willing to fight for what is right. For this they deserve to be appropriately honored on Veterans Day.

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