Ap World History Summer Assignment 2012

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AP United States History Summer Assignment 2017-2018

Welcome to AP US History (APUSH)! This promises to be a challenging and enriching course that will help you understand the history of the United States a little better. This is a college-level course and you receive AP credit, so it will require a large amount of work both inside and outside of class. Because of the sheer amount of both historical content and skills we will need to cover before the test, a summer assignment is necessary so that we can dive right in on the first day of school. This work is mandatory and should be completed before school starts. It mostly covers the first unit of content (Period 1:), which comprises 5% of the AP exam, and will be collected and assessed within the first two weeks of school. To that end, all students will need to use the links complete the following tasks




  1. “A People’s History of the United States, “ by Howard Zinn
    1. Read Chapter 1: Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress  
    2. Read Chapter 2: Drawing the Color Line
    3. Answer Zinn Reading Questions  
  2. “Where Historians Disagree” Essays and answer questions
    1. Read Where Historians Disagree: Why do historians so often differ?
    2. Read Where Historians Disagree - The American Population before Columbus
    3. Answer “WHD” Response Questions  


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