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The Rez Sisters (A Play in Two Acts) was written by Tomson Highway. It was originally published during 1988 and was published again during 1999 by Fifth House. This play is centered on seven Native women who live on a reservation and are trying to overcome the hardships of the rez lifestyle. Their ticket to a better life is winning an epic game of bingo.

The Rez Sisters is an intriguing mixture of struggle, mysticism, hope, and humor for readers to enjoy. Some readers describe the play as hilarious and shockingly entertaining, while other readers are not as impressed with the play's humor and development of characters.

Highway is a playwright, novelist, librettist, and children's author, among other roles. He is a winner of the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Play and was nominated for the Governor General's Award. Highway was even listed as one of the 100 most important people in Canadian history by Maclean's magazine during 2000.

Appearances and Reality

In The Ret Sisters, seven women travel from their Indian reserve to Toronto in order to participate in "THE BIGGEST BINGO IN THE WORLD." Each woman has her own dreams of what winning the bingo jackpot will bring them. Annie hopes for enough money to "buy every single one of Patsy Cline's records" and "go to all the taverns and night clubs in Toronto and listen to the live music." Philomena hopes for a new toilet that is "big and wide and very white." Marie-Adele wishes for "the most beautiful incredible goddamn island in the whole goddamn world." Veronique desires "the biggest stove on the reserve." Finally, Pelajia wants to build "a nice paved road" in front of her house, since their "old chief" has done nothing to help her realize this dream. Each woman's dreams of wealth are linked to their desires to make life...

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