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Tips for Choosing Art and Wall Decor

Art doesn t have to be expensive to make a big impact in an otherwise neutral room. Choose the best options for your decorating needs by considering the wall space you want to fill. If your wall space is small, one piece of art will do. Larger spaces do best with a series of wall hangings or one large piece that serves as a focal point. Consider your existing decor when choosing art and wall decor. Vintage signs add appeal to a home that already has an antique flavor, for example. Sleek, minimalist art goes best with contemporary decor. Choose art and wall decor that reflects your taste and personality. If you love nature, create a garden on your walls. If you're more of a romantic, adorn your walls with red hearts and a sentimental quotation. Whether you go for canvas wall art, metal decor or vinyl wall decals, there's an abundance of pieces that speak to you at Walmart, where you'll find gorgeous artwork at Every Day Low Prices.

Wall Art and Photography

Invigorate your decor with new and exciting wall art and inspiring photography. From architecture and landscapes to still life displays and sports, you'll find canvas art, posters and photography in every subject you desire, framed or unframed, in sizes from less than 30 inches to over 100 inches in height and in various lengths to match. To hang wall art, let the shape of the wall help you determine the arrangement. For example, put a wall art set on a long horizontal wall, two pieces of art one over the other on a narrow vertical wall or one large piece of art between two windows on a wall. The design options are endless with wall art.

Wall Art Sets

Large wall spaces benefit from coordinated wall art sets. Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to coordinating color and style with art sets that do the pairings for you. Consider wall art sets that unite a space with one theme or one image that ties your room's decor together.
  • Floater-framed photography sets, which make the art look like it's floating in the frame, come in various configurations, sizes and numbers of pieces. Floater-framed staggered sets come in three pieces that make a statement across your wall, for example, while a floater-framed set of four pieces can create a more coordinated square pattern on your wall.
  • Wrapped canvas sets of five pieces make it easy to hang photography printed on cotton canvas in fade-resistant inks.
  • Sets of two oversized wall plaques of paintings, drawings and inspirational sayings hung side by side create symmetry.

Metal Wall Art

Turn your home into a gallery with sophisticated, rustic or whimsical metal wall art. Hang a set of three elegant wire poppies with vintage flair, dimensional wall art that makes it look like you attached vases of flowers on the wall or a contemporary radiating iron wire wall sculpture structure with multi-colored discs to add sparkle to your home.

Wall Decals

What better way is there to put up nail-free wall art than with decorative decals? From sports themes to wall murals and inspirational quotations to backsplash-style tiles, wall decals cover all types and sizes of wall spaces or emphasize smaller areas with a pop of color and curiosity. Today's wall decals are sophisticated enough to put in dining rooms and cute enough for nurseries, too. They look like customized wall murals or stencils, but they're much easier to remove and reposition thanks to easy peel-and-stick technology.

Mirrors and Frames

Mirrors are works of art, and they come in all shapes, sizes and finishes and in sets. Decorate a baby's room with a sweet heart-shaped mirror, or add a round mirror with a kitten's silhouette in a child's room. Formalize your entryway, hall or dining area with Baroque-inspired framed mirrors. Decorate your living room with rustic framed, mirrored wall panels. Frame and surround yourself with your favorite memories. There's never a need to wonder how to perfectly set your images because collage frames do the work for you with a combination of horizontal and vertical frames attached to each other. From large-size frames for collectible posters to novelty word-shaped frames, your walls will be filled with uplifting decor.

Personalized Wall Art

Gift someone you love with a piece of art that's personalized. When ordering personalized wall art, you have the option of choosing a variety of messages. For example, for a housewarming gift, create a personalized street sign featuring a first or last name or even the name of a street stamped on metal. Give your music lover a guitar lounge sign shaped like a guitar pick and personalized with a first name. Celebrate family with a personalized home and family blessings canvas that features your last name. The options for personalizing wall art are only as limited as your imagination.

Walmart’s organizational structure determines the company’s business activities. Its organizational structure also imposes limits on how the business addresses its problems. In relation, Walmart’s organizational culture determines the way people respond to challenges in the workplace. The resilience of the human resources of the company partly depends on the mindset supported through the organizational culture. Nonetheless, the long history of Walmart in succeeding and continually growing internationally shows that the firm’s organizational structure and organizational culture have been helpful in bringing competitive advantage and success. Such organizational structure interacts with the organizational culture to maintain the significant competitive advantage of Walmart.

Walmart’s leadership position in the retail industry and its potential long-term success are linked to the beneficial combination of the company’s organizational structure and organizational culture.

Walmart’s Organizational Structure

Walmart has a hierarchical functional organizational structure. This structure has two features: hierarchy and function-based definition. The hierarchy feature pertains to the vertical lines of command and authority throughout the organizational structure. For example, except for the CEO, every employee has a superior. Directives and mandates coming from the top levels of Walmart’s management are implemented through middle managers down to the rank-and-file employees in Walmart stores. On the other hand, the function-based definition feature of the company’s organizational structure involves groups of employees fulfilling certain functions. For example, Walmart has a department for the function of human resource management. The company also has a department for the function of information technology, and another department for the function of marketing. These are just some of the numerous function-based departments in Walmart’s organizational structure.

The main effect of Walmart’s hierarchical functional organizational structure is the ability of corporate managers to easily influence the entire organization. For example, new policies and strategies developed at Walmart’s corporate headquarters are directly passed on to regional managers down to the store managers. In this way, effective monitoring and control are achieved through Walmart’s hierarchical functional organizational structure. However, a downside of this organizational structure is that it has minimal support for organizational flexibility. The lower levels of the organizational structure cannot easily adjust business practices because of the lengthy communications and approval process involving the middle managers and corporate managers at Walmart’s headquarters.

Walmart’s Organizational Culture

Walmart’s organizational culture has four main components. These components guide employees’ behaviors. The components are also identified as Walmart’s beliefs:

  1. Service to customers
  2. Respect for the individual
  3. Strive for excellence
  4. Action with integrity

In terms of service to customers, the company prioritizes customers in its operations. Walmart also recognizes the contributions of each employee to the success of the business. In addition, the firm strives for excellence in the performance of individuals, teams, and the entire organization. In terms of maintaining integrity, Walmart promotes the virtues of honesty, fairness, and impartiality in decision-making.

Recommendations on Walmart’s Organizational Culture and Structure

Walmart’s organizational structure is ideal for the company’s type of business and global scope of operations. However, Walmart can improve in applying its beliefs in the context of its organizational culture. These beliefs are ideal. Still, the company is frequently criticized about its failure to address employees’ concerns regarding low wages. Such criticisms point to the difference between the belief of respect for individuals in the organization’s culture, and the actual treatment of the employees. Thus, a suitable recommendation for Walmart is to implement more effective measures for fulfilling the respect for the individual component of the organizational culture.

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