Competency Goal 2 For Cda Essay

As a child care provider my goal to the children I serve is to advance their physical, cognitive, communication and creative development. I will achieve my goal by providing materials for gross motor skills such as hula hoops and cones for a game of ring the cones and providing ample outdoor time for running and exploring. I will also provide such things as crayons, pencils, and scissors along with other items like lacing cards to work on their fine motor skills.

For a child’s cognitive skill I will interact with the children using such things as different types of blocks and a scale for the weight of an object and how many of one object does it take to get the same weight of another. This activity will build on their mathematical ability and their critical thinking. I will be more aware of a child’s work to ask questions about their project to help encourage and extend on their idea.

I will enhance on their communication development by reading a loud and asking questions and discussing the books we have read. I will play games with our sight words and be creative in shaving cream to help them focus on letter recognition and word structure. I will provide labels and dictation around the room. I will help enhance their vocabulary with songs, finger plays and rhymes. To enhance a child’s creativity I will supply a variety of materials in each center.

I will change out items and add to them often. I will use music and dance to be creative. I will provide different art supplies, paints and materials such as eye droppers and sponges so they can be creative. I will be more aware not to squelch on a child’s imagination but to build on it. As the provider I will continue to encourage children to try new things and reinforce the positive of what they already know about the world around them.

In order to advance physical and intellectual development I have set the following goals to myself. My first goal is to foster language development by making it a goal to provide many opportunity that allow children to communicate. I will do this by providing good language model for children, using grammated speech I would do this by picking up when Childs speaks. For example if the child says I have two finger I would repeat after him and say yes you have two hands. I would also provide unverbal communication by having different picture up in the wall where the children can look at and practice daily.

My second goal is to provide physical development. I would provide physical development by having activities that contain, fine motor and gross motor activities. I would promote fine motor skills by having the children play with play dough during playtime and make different shapes using play dough shape cutter, Rollin pin and plastic play dough scissor. I would also have children use spoons and tongs during lunchtime to grip their own food and serve themself. I will promote gross motor skills by taking time during the day to have children dance and move different body movement while playing music that instruct them to move their bodies in different ways. I would also have children play different activities and games during gym time and outdoor play. This is the way I will promote physical and intellectual development for children.


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