Ela 20 Saskatchewan Bibliography Examples

If you are looking to cite other non-traditional sources, like computer software, classroom kits, TV, DVDs, or toys, check out the section on Multimedia Resources.

Alberta Learning. (2002). Aboriginal studies 10-20-30 [Program of Studies]. [Edmonton], Canada: Alberta Learning.

Advanced Education. (2002, March). Educational advantages of writing centres: Increasing the nation’s rate of post-secondary degree completion (Catologue No. DM 42-7/233-2002-04E). Retrieved from the Senate Committee on Education Reforms website: http://edu.senate.gc.ca/en/edadv/march-02.pdf

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2005). The Ontario curriculum grades 1‐8: Health and physical education [Program of Studies]. Retrieved from http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/elementary/health18curr.pdf

In-text citations

(Alberta Learning, 2002) - see page 174, section 6.13 of the 2010 APA manual for more details

(Alberta Learning, 2002, p.10) - see page 179, section 6.19 of the 2010 APA manual for more details 


For each selection in A30, the chart identifies the author(s), region(s) of Canada, gender of the author, and Aboriginal heritage (when applicable). The regional abbreviations are as follows: ATL-Atlantic, NTH-North, ON-Ontario, PRA-prairie provinces, QC-Quebec, and WC-west coast. M and F denote male or female authors. I/M indicates substantial Aboriginal (Indian, Inuit, or Metis) content. For each selection in B30, the chart identifies the country of origin and the gender of the author.

Titles which are appropriate for many grade levels are identified for All grades. It is suggested that searchers set the grade function to All to broaden their query if their search is unsuccessful.

The "Limit search" function controls the number of items that will be posted on one browser page. If you select 10 items, only the first ten items in the database will be posted. At the bottom of the page, a button will ask if you want to post the next ten items, and so forth until all items have been posted.

Use a search word or phrase if you wish to narrow the search further. For example, use drama as a search word to receive a list of sites which have the word drama in their title or annotation.
Use drama as a search word with AudioVisual as a genre to restrict the list to drama sites which have been identified as resources for AudioVisual.

The search function support boolean operators. For example English Lanugage Arts will be treated as a phrase. grey horse or gray horse will search for sites containing the either the words "grey horse" or the words "gray horse".


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